About ASP Clips

A Short History

ASP was founded in 1991 in Liberty Hill, TX.

Working from a single retired tool truck and taking over the garage as a warehouse a vision of providing a service to the auto body repair community was born.

After retiring from IBM in 1991, Doug Lindquist took his big business experience and turned that over into redefining how to better serve the automotive industry.

With a Catalog, a Lotus spreadsheet, and a lot of hours of research, Automotive Specialty Products set up its first truck to service the Austin, TX metro area.

After over 25 years of service to the Automotive Industry Doug Lindquist passed away after he could not overcome his fight with cancer. His legacy lives on with his family and distributors who continue to provide customers throughout the United States with exceptional service and knowledge of the industry. ASP Clips has grown to be one of the largest independent family owned fastener companies in the United States.

Special thanks to Doug Lindquist for all you did. You will always be remembered!

"More Than Half Nuts"

"More Than Half Nuts" ... Where did this come from? How did we come up with such a unique slogan?

These are just a few of the questions we get asked about our slogan.

The truth of the matter is, while still at IBM waiting on retirement to start ASP, employees knew of Doug's venture to start a fastener company and every morning for a period of time on the white board of his office were different slogans and ideas from various people throughout the company.

One morning a comment was made about being "half nuts" to do this, and the rest as they say is history!

Our Philosophy

At ASP Clips we don't want to be just another salesman or vendor. We want to build relationships and find solutions that benefit our customers. It’s not always the sale that makes the difference, sometimes it just finding a solution.

From local distributors to warehouse direct, we work to meet your needs.

We strive to bring an excellent knowledge of our product and industry so that our customers know beyond everything else that we are in this business not as "sales" but as "service" providers.

Our goal is to bring you something to the table that most companies have lost sight of through getting the sale, they forget the service. Thanks for visiting!

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